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29. All You Need to Know About Keeping Fun in Your Budget

Episode Summary

In this week's episode, we are discussing budgeting for fun stuff. Having a spending plan keeps you on track financially, but you’ve got to cut yourself some slack - that’s when a fun money budget comes into play. This episode goes over why you need to budget for fun, how much to set aside, and how to actually make a fun money budget part of your life.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Balanced FI Podcast, episode 29 - All You Need to Know About Keeping Fun in Your Budget

Setting aside a bit of money each month for fun, frivolous purchases helps you stay on track financially. You’re less likely to completely blow your budget when you know you have already planned for your hobbies and random habits. 

This episode goes over 


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Source: 50/20/30 Method Is Perfect if You’re on a Budget… but Still Have a Life