Balanced FI Podcast

8. 5 Free Ways to Be Content

Episode Summary

In this week's episode, we are discussing 5 free ways to be content. Balanced FI is all about living intentionally, including with your money. I also think you’re more likely to follow a budget and spend less when you’re content. Not struggling to fill a hole in your soul lets you live with purpose.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Balanced FI Podcast, episode 8! Thank you so much for listening in! 

This episode is about 5 free ways to be content and ways to put them into practice in your life:

Living, and spending, intentionally as a habit starts with small changes to your life. Taking a walk each day, removing one obligation from your schedule, or striving for an optimistic outlook will all help you live happier. 

When you’re happy & content, you’re also less likely to spend as a form of therapy, so you’ll even save money!


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