Balanced FI Podcast

03. Using 30 Day Challenges to Save Money

Episode Summary

In this week's episode, we are discussing how to use 30-day challenges to save money and change your habits. Making money fun, through a challenge, can really help you make progress toward your bigger financial goals.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Balanced FI Podcast, episode 3! Thank you so much for listening in! 

You can read the full blog post, and download the 30-Day Challenge Trackers, HERE

Decide what type of challenge you want to start: no eating out, no spend, no buying clothes, or something else. Next, you need to decide what reward will motivate you enough to stick with the challenge for a whole 30 days. 

I’ll also give you tips for success, like have a visible reminder, and discuss the importance of getting buy-in from whoever lives in your home or cares about your finances. 


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